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The following list is from Dwell Magazine. We’ll keep adding to this! Authentic Replica: A faithful copy true to an older iteration. Similar to a reissue except it’s often not the original company that produces the piece, because that company no longer exists. Knockoff: A contemporary unlicensed design that imitates a well-known or popular style with … Continue reading

Vintage Design 101 – From Dwell Magazine March 2012

This article from Dwell is fantastic- I couldn’t have said it better myself… An Introduction to Buying Vintage Design (Dwell/March 2012/Diana Budds) We’ve all been there, gazing enviously at a friend’s broken-in leather Brazilian chair or peering at the perfect parabolic curve of a 1960s Castiglioni Arco lamp. but instead of spotting that mid-century bargain … Continue reading