Dictionary- Glossary- Thesaurus- Etc…

The following list is from Dwell Magazine. We’ll keep adding to this! Authentic Replica: A faithful copy true to an older iteration. Similar to a reissue except it’s often not the original company that produces the piece, because that company no longer exists. Knockoff: A contemporary unlicensed design that imitates a well-known or popular style with … Continue reading

Vintage Design 101 – From Dwell Magazine March 2012

This article from Dwell is fantastic- I couldn’t have said it better myself… An Introduction to Buying Vintage Design (Dwell/March 2012/Diana Budds) We’ve all been there, gazing enviously at a friend’s broken-in leather Brazilian chair or peering at the perfect parabolic curve of a 1960s Castiglioni Arco lamp. but instead of spotting that mid-century bargain … Continue reading

The Ripple Effect

I have a love hate relationship with football season. While I can pick up on the false starts and holding calls, I certainly can’t sit on the sofa entertained by this for 8 hours. As long as my brain still holds the lyrics to Def Leopard songs and remembers the rules to flip-cup, I’m not … Continue reading

Making Things Right

I love the interpretation of this phrase. Firstly, making things the right way– with care, concern and passion for your inspiration. But also doing the right thing by drawing attention to the craft and detail in objects that makes them special. As I make the most of yet another rainy day, Garden and Gun magazine, a new favorite, … Continue reading

Summer School

Over the summer I had some downtime during a wedding celebration in Birmingham, Michigan. My husband was in the wedding party, I didn’t know anybody, and I was in Birmingham, MI… But somewhere in the far reaches of my brain I remembered that Cranbrook Academy was nearby. Reed Krakoff, the  new director, states “You probably … Continue reading

Terroir = Pride of Place

A quick example of my childhood is that my mother taught Head-Start and accordingly gave me coloring books with no lines- only ideas and crayons. These limitless opportunities for expression forced me to really look around and absorb my surroundings in order to interpret and sketch them. Growing up in the historic town of Newport, … Continue reading