Dictionary- Glossary- Thesaurus- Etc…

The following list is from Dwell Magazine. We’ll keep adding to this!

Authentic Replica: A faithful copy true to an older iteration. Similar to a reissue except it’s often not the original company that produces the piece, because that company no longer exists.

Knockoff: A contemporary unlicensed design that imitates a well-known or popular style with varying degrees of fidelity to the piece’s original design.

Limited Edition: This designation usually applies to contemporary pieces. Limiting a product’s production is a technique borrowed from the fine arts, where multiples are sold and numbered.

Original Vintage:  An object produced by a licensed manufacturer. Licensing agreements vary from manufacturer to manufacturer and can be for a lifetime of a finite period.

Prototype: This experimental pre-production design is as close to the designer’s original concept as you’re going to get. Unique or outrageous prototypes of famous pieces are typically sold at high-end galleries and auctions, and command stratospheric prices.

Reissue: The original manufacturer produces the design after it’s been out of production. Look for updates in materials and colors and improved construction techniques.

Unauthorized Replica: Someone has decided to bring a classic design back without obtaining the official approval of the original designer’s estate. In some cases, unauthorized replicas are as good as the authentic ones.

Vintage Knockoff: Back when a now-iconic design was first released, someone noticed its popularity and tried to jump on the bandwagon, imitating the overall scheme but altering it enough so they wouldn’t face legal woes.



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