The Ripple Effect

I have a love hate relationship with football season.

While I can pick up on the false starts and holding calls, I certainly can’t sit on the sofa entertained by this for 8 hours. As long as my brain still holds the lyrics to Def Leopard songs and remembers the rules to flip-cup, I’m not sure I want to make room for understanding ‘intentional grounding’ and ‘shotgun formations’.  My husband, on the other hand, becomes one with our sofa- leaving me a full Sunday to take myself on fieldtrips.

This past Sunday, I went waaaay out of my comfort zone, arriving at Foxwoods Casino with guests practically foaming at the mouth to reach their favorite slot machine. The reason for my trip was not to ‘bet on red’ or enjoy the bygone days of smoking indoors, but to visit the exhibition on Princess Diana.

To be honest, I really just wanted to see some amazing 1980’s fashion.

So, why am I posting about football and princesses on the Ellery + Irons blog?

Because while walking through the exhibition I was inspired by of all the charity work to which Diana devoted her life.  As a beautiful woman, always aware of the power of her image, she rolled up her sleeves and let the world see a real beauty in her character.

An iconic photograph of her shaking hands with a leper did more to erase the stigma of the disease than a thousand medical reports could.


A photograph of her showing so much compassion towards an AIDS patient helped to change the way the world viewed the disease and its victims.

And the photograph of her in a mind field brought the cause of de-mining areas such as Angola to the forefront. Her efforts helped to create an international ban on the use of anti-personnel landmines.

So, again- what does this have to do with Ellery + Irons?

Feeling ‘at home’ goes step-in-step with feeling safe and sheltered. And while our homes are hopefully our sanctuaries, we always need to remember that we don’t live in a vacuum. What happens globally affects each of us.

Ellery + Irons promises to feature good design made consciously and carefully. But we must reach farther than that- and challenge ourselves to have a bigger impact on our small planet.

Some of our favorite charities that we look forward to supporting are:

Furnish a Future:

Kiva Microlending:

Donor’s Chhose:

We would love our customers to keep us informed of charities close to their hearts so we can expand out reach.  Global or local, we hope to inspire by keeping our customers informed of our efforts.

We truly believe that ‘home’ should be inclusive of our greater surroundings and that the joy from making a small impact can easily be multiplied.

As Diana said “I want to do, not just to be.”

One Response to “The Ripple Effect”
  1. lifevesting says:

    Gorgeous and thoughtful post! Diana was an inspiration to us all…

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