The Season for Layers

Things I have learned this fall:

1) When you are passionate about something, your friends do everything they can to cheer you on.

2) When you are trying to start a company, there is no such thing as free time.

3) No matter how long it has been since high school grammar class, when blogging, you never lose the voice in your head asking “Is this where I use a semicolon? What does this predicate modify? Dangling participle… what?!”

So- putting aside my fear of Strunk and White’s Elements of Style- here’s the latest posting.

The one task I have been trying to prioritize in my limited free time is adding finishing touches on the house in Old Lyme. As most of you reading this post are friends, you know it’s been the frustration with finding unique pieces that lead to the whole notion of Ellery + Irons.  I’d love to say that I trust my hunting skills 100% – but in truth I’ve spent a while lingering over Jeffrey Bilhuber’s delicious new book, The Way Home: Reflections on American Beauty. Jeffrey’s style is such that as I flip through so many magazines a month, I find my self repeatedly stopping to study his profiles. His work never looks the same- but it’s always layered and personal enough that you might wonder how many of the pieces he uses are new, and how many were passed down from the homeowner’s ancestors.

Photo courtesy of William Abranowicz/ Rizzoli

With the exception of his outrageous budgets, I would say he pulls together pieces in a very “Ellery + Irons” way. No element is common or necessarily expected. It’s like amazing fashion- complex in nature, yet it looks effortless.

Photo courtesy of William Abranowicz/ Rizzoli

Another designer who masters the delicate balance of old and new, and makes everything look more glamorous in the process, is Miles Redd. In my early twenties, I lived across the street from Miles. My roommate and I would watch from our Ikea sofa (I’ll admit!) while he installed red lacquered walls, ridiculous amount of mirrors and had a stream of chic visitors.

And I’m envious of anyone who call pull off red and pink together.

Without the budget for Miles or Jeffrey, I turned my attention to the new book on the amazing Celia Birtwell. Her whimsical glam would look great in almost any room (especially mine!) and the accessories play into the elegant 70’s vibe seen in so many fashion mags.

The next post may be all about hopping a plane to London to shop her textiles in person!


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