Eye Candy

I think a big reason I live in NYC is because I love to walk. Every time I wander out of my little NYC apartment I’m greeted by a new, brilliant treat for the senses…

*photo credit: Miller's Antique Guide

Yesterday was a pretty frock in the window of a shop on Orchard Street… in a print so lively and happy I wanted to drape it on a chair so I could look at it always. The day before was an enormous crystal chandelier at a mid-century shop in Nolita that I both loved and hated at the same time. And this morning was a set of wavy, asymmetrical bread plates in Soho that I just felt like I couldn’t live without (I still haven’t acted on that one…)

This idea of a daily aesthetic treat – whether purchased or admired or inspired – and how it relates to the place you call home, is a lot of what drove our idea to start Ellery + Irons. It’s a place to find unique items for your home that you won’t see on every street corner across the country. It’s a place for people like us who want our homes’ aesthetics to reflect our personalities, whether spending $10 on a quirky vintage platter for the coffee table, or taking the leap to purchase that “investment” piece we know will be with us forever. We wanted to recreate that feeling of wandering down the streets of your favorite cities and towns… whether that be NYC or LA or Charleston, SC or Easton, MD… and happening upon boutiques or antique stores or even flea markets, and exploring their treasures. That luxurious, indulgent experience of being inspired and creating visions for your home as an extension of yourself.

Liz, Steph, and I are thrilled to get this venture up and running, and we’re so excited you’ve come along for the ride.




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